The Business of Change

Even on their best days, humans struggle with change. So do businesses. And the pandemic wasn’t the year’s next “hottest fad,” it was an existential threat from nature itself. When the pandemic hit, we all watched as some companies easily adapted, some struggled and made it through, and some were dead on their feet. Fortunately, as an agency, change is our day job. We thrive in chaos, pushing through fear and ambiguity to create opportunity. Every day we’re fighting side-by-side with our clients to help them survive and design the future. While the last two years have taught us that nothing is certain, here are a few things we’re confident about. Agencies are more adaptive. Historically, we’re considered the frenetic energy in a partnership. We’re the ones who come in, shake things up, and drive innovation. Now we’re proving that we can be a stabilizing force, too. When businesses are

This post was originally published on MediaTemple by John Roescher.

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