The 5 Elements (or Components) of WordPress

A Captain Planet Metaphor for the 5 Components of WordPress WorkPress is an open-source, dynamic, content management system (CMS powering over one third of the world’s websites. To understand how WordPress works, we break down the 5 components that join to make the single most popular CMS in the world. And what is the fun of learning if we can’t use a Captain Planet metaphor to help us? Captain Planet is a superhero made up of 5 powers; earth, fire, wind, water, and heart (the arguably less cool power). When the Planeteers wear their rings and come together Captain Planet is summoned! Without any of the 5, Captain Planet would be incomplete. SImilarly, it takes all 5 components to create a WordPress site.  Let’s get started! Connect to your WordPress site through the cPanel file manager plugin, or through an FTP client of choice. You’ll see your WordPress root directory.

This post was originally published on MediaTemple by Allison Bondi.

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