How To Create A Star Rating System In WordPress With CSS and ACF

I recently had a request from a WordPress client for a star rating widget of sorts, so I thought I would share the solution I came up with using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and CSS. There are no images involved – just pure CSS plus Unicode stars and a handy range slider on the back end so the client can easily enter a rating anywhere from 0 to 5 in steps of 0.1. Thanks to a nice example I found on CodePen (seen below), the front end elements were easy and simple, utilizing CSS custom properties and variables in a compact code. Connecting this to ACF so the client could easily edit their ratings brought it all together in a quick solution that I have not seen elsewhere, thus the idea to make it available here in case anyone else is looking for something similar. Ready to dig in?

This post was originally published on 1stWebDesigner by Brian McDaniel.

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