Weekly WP News Writer

The WP Minute is looking to hire a `Weekly News Writer`, writing the weekly newsletter, which also serves as the podcast recording script.

Apply here: [https://airtable.com/shrPZFeQKeclEtYBB](https://airtable.com/shrPZFeQKeclEtYBB)

Every Wednesday, our team delivers a 5 minute podcast episode & newsletter covering the most impactful headlines in the WordPress space. Links are mostly contributed by the WP Minute “linksquad” in our Slack group.

Here are two examples:

– [https://thewpminute.com/five-for-everyone-sometimes/](https://thewpminute.com/five-for-everyone-sometimes/)
– [https://thewpminute.com/shaken-not-stirred/](https://thewpminute.com/shaken-not-stirred/)

Links are tracked/organized in an AirTable database to parse through and select for the weekly article. As the news writer, you will help determine the most impactful headlines for the week, including contributed content outlined from our `Community Content Wrangler` and `Executive Producers.`

Typical newsletters are somewhere between 300-600 words, depending on the news cycle that given week. The WP Minute team is available in Slack to help with editing and curating the list with you.

The newsletter serves as the script for the weekly podcast hosted by Matt Medeiros. The newsletter is generally broken up into three segments:

– News & headlines
– “linksquad” member contributed content like a podcast + transcript + other links
– A thank you section recognizing new members and contributing producers from the week

Some general qualifications:

– 1+ Year freelance writing or self-publishing (or a strong desire to have a starting position)
– An understanding of WordPress the platform
– An understanding of WordPress the community
– A desire to find the best stories and most impactful headlines in the WordPress space
– Some experience creating content for social, blogs, and audio/video
– Experience with Slack, Google Docs, and publishing with WordPress

Areas of responsibilities:

– Generate the newsletter + script for **Wednesday** publishing cycle
– Curate the links from the database or from around the web (Social, RSS, or other newsletter sources)
– Be generally available and engaging in our Slack group
– Create the shared Google doc for Matt to record by morning EST time on Wednesdays

Information about the role:

– Weekly News writer
– Average 300-600 words per article depending on news cycle
– A love for WordPress news OR a desire to start a career in writing & journalism
– $20/hr 1099 position
– Join a fast-growing independent WordPress news publication and connect with the WordPress community!

Apply here: [https://airtable.com/shrPZFeQKeclEtYBB](https://airtable.com/shrPZFeQKeclEtYBB)

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