Summary of Docs Team Biweekly Meeting August 2, 2022


Attendance: @lucp @milana_cap @femkreations @leonnugraha @dpknauss @chaion07 @atachibana @colorful-tones @estelaris @krupalpanchal @dpknauss @audrasjb
Where: #docs channel on Slack. Find the complete transcript of the meeting on Slack.
Meeting Facilitator: @colorful-tones
Note Taker: @estelaris
Next Meeting Facilitator (in two weeks): @chaion07
Next Note Taker (in two weeks): ??
Next Triage Meeting Facilitator (next week): @milana_cap

Project Checks
Documentation Issue Tracker Updates

@leonnugraha is almost finished with #315 and #270
@lucp is still working on #375

created two GitHub workflows: 1. automated adding issue to the project based on applied labels; 2. automated comment on the issue, mentioning project reps based on applied labels
moved docs handbook project to new ones to make above automation possible:
continue working on team roles docs:

@colorful-tones is adding lots of feedback to the Patterns doc for the Theme Developer Handbook #342

19 items  in the 5.9 issues have been closed (all of them have been updated now for 6.0 as well)
2 new pages were created and updated for 6.0. 12 pages are a work in progress currently
the 5.9 issues project board and merging it into the 6.0 soon. New contributors please refer to the 6.0 issue board for Block Editor docs

Inventory of technical Parts from End-User docs
@estelaris is updating the Inventory of technical Parts from End-User docs, adding other articles to be reviewed and edited after the second site map revision.

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