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I am looking for professional WordPress technical help on a single issue.

The Problem:
I am unable to log into WordPress for my site ( The site itself looks fine to my visitors, but when I try to log in to make changes I get the message “The username *example* is not registered on this site. If you are unsure of your username, try your email address instead.”

Note that the problem is not that the password is wrong, the problem is that WordPress thinks that my account doesn’t exist.

I have contacted my host and they assure me that there is no problem with the server.

I have tried:
– Changing my log-in. Using phpMyAdmin I could see that my login was correct. I was advised to change it, then change it back to the original login. Neither worked.
– Disabling plug-ins. Using FTP I tried disabling each plug-in individually (by renaming each with “.disable”) and also tried disabling a group of plug-ins (by renaming the folder with “.disable”). I still couldn’t log in. When my plug-ins were enabled again my site was a complete disaster and I had to restore a back-up.
– Removing themes. I have deleted all themes except the one I am using (TravelAgency), and Two Thousand Twenty Two and Two Thousand Twenty One.

If you think this is an issue you can resolve please give me a quote for your services, along with your experience and references. This is a remote position. I am in the US Central Time Zone, GMT/UTC – 5h.

This is a single project job, not a full-time position.

Thank you for your help!

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