#53 – Matt Medeiros on the State of the WordPress Landscape

On the podcast today we have Matt Medeiros. Matt is the driving force behind many WordPress initiatives. That could be the creation of plugins, WordPress news media, as well as podcasts about all manner of WordPress specific subjects. He likes to juggle multiple projects at once. Currently he’s the Director of Podcaster Success at Castos, which is a podcast hosting company with a WordPress plugin. He’s on the podcast today to give his take on the past, present and future of WordPress. The Matt Report and The WP Minute have enabled us to hear about what the community is doing, what it wants and where its points of friction are. He’s talked to hundreds of people about what WordPress was, is, and might be, and so is in a unique position to pontificate about what WordPress, beyond the software, is. It’s a lovely chat with a thoughtful and far sighted member of the community.

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