The LastPass Security Breach: How to Protect Yourself

What You Need to Know and Do About the LastPass Breach
If you’re a LastPass user, like many of us in the WordPress community, you may be looking for an alternative password management solution today. After a massive security breach at LastPass the company did not disclose in a timely manner — which has put potentially your data at risk — you should look into switching to Bitwarden or 1Password. Even better, start using passkeys when possible — they make passwordless logins the ultimate security solution. Finally, if you’re responsible for the security of others’ data or if you have a communication role, you can learn from LastPass’s mistakes — mainly what not to do. Let’s take a look at what happened, what should have happened, and how you should proactively secure your online accounts.

This post was originally published on iThemes by Dan Knauss.

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