Cross-Locale Project Translation Editor Request

Hi Polygots,
We would like to request #clpte access for our 10Web plugins
We created a new account for CLPTE ( @10webtranslations ) and a new Slack account (10Web Translations ).
Regarding the CLPTE criteria:
1. All of our translators will be receiving the style guides and glossaries.
2. New translator account created: (@10webtranslations )
3. We will be using professional freelance translators for all locales sourced from various translator networks.
4. Community volunteers can reach us at [email protected] or on Slack: @10webtranslations 10Web Translations.
5. We have a Slack account for translations and will contact GTEs: @10webtranslations
6. Name of new .org account set to: 10Web Translations (CLPTE)

This post was originally published on Make Polyglots by 10Web.

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