#61 – Robert Rowley on Securing Your WordPress Website

On the podcast today we have Robert Rowley. Robert is Patchstack's security advocate, where his time is spent interacting with open source communities to share the word about security best practices. Given his background, the podcast today is all about internet security. We start off with a topic which is very much in the news at the moment, the LastPass security breach. LastPass is a password manager. It will lock up your passwords, and any other data for that matter, in a secure vault, which can only be read if you decrypt it with the correct password. Towards the end of 2022, LastPass announced in a series of blog posts that customer vaults had been taken from their cloud storage. The way that this was communicated left many of their customers questioning their use of the service, and whether they now could trust LastPass with their data. Robert explains how the incident occurred, and if you should be concerned. This then leads to a conversation about the broader issue of website security and the security of WordPress websites in particular. If you’re curious about website security, then this is a podcast for you.

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