GTE Request for Korean Language (#ko-KR)

Hello Polygots,
I want to be the GTE of #ko-KR.
There are already two GTE members in the Korean translation team, but they seem to be unable to access them recently, perhaps because they are too busy.
I’ve translated the 29 plugins below, but if they don’t connect, many other Korean WordPress users can’t benefit, so I’m applying for GTE out of pity.
After becoming a GTE, I can appoint the PTE of the plug-ins below myself, but I haven’t experienced anything related to GTE in the wordpress translation process yet, so I’d like someone to provide PTE authority as well.
I hope that language will not be a barrier to many people, and that each person can set up more detailed settings through translation.

This post was originally published on Make Polyglots by modelaid.

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