[WordLift] Setup screen for plugin

**Please note, if you want me to consider your proposal, send me a reference to a WordPress project and a Angular project, preferably a link to a GitHub project.**

The objective of this task is to rework the WordLift plugin setup flow for whitelabel customers. The new setup flow is simplified, asks for very few details and requires a redeem code to perform the plugin activation. The redeem code is exchanged with a WordLift key which is stored in the WordLift plugin settings in WordPress.

Detailed project requirements can be provided on request.

About WordLift

WordLift is a software tool that automates SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by analyzing and organizing the content published on the web. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence and semantic technologies to enhance the visibility and discoverability of online content.

WordLift aims to democratize the use of semantic technologies for content promotion on the web, which has traditionally been limited to large companies. By offering its services through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, WordLift provides accessible and user-friendly tools for individuals and businesses to optimize their online content.

The software analyzes the content of websites, identifying entities, concepts, and relationships within the text. It then generates structured data, such as RDFa and JSON-LD, which search engines can understand and use to improve the ranking and visibility of the content in search results.

In addition to SEO optimization, WordLift provides features for content enrichment, including the ability to create linked data graphs, add annotations, and generate internal and external links within the content. These features help users create richer and more interconnected content, improving the user experience and increasing engagement.

Overall, WordLift empowers content creators and marketers to optimize their web presence, improve search engine rankings, and reach a wider audience by leveraging the power of semantic technologies and artificial intelligence.

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