Dear Polyglots,

I hope all of you are doing great! My name is Manvel, but people call me David. Recently, it came to my attention that many tools that I use in my daily life are not translated into Armenian. I found out that WordPress has a platform which allows to make translations. So, I started making small progress toward improving the Armenian translations presented there. However, as I saw that many of the translations were not getting approved, I tried contacting one of the #hy LMs’ by email but did not get an answer. After that, I messaged the polyglots Slack channel to get an LM or GTE status, and luckily Tor-Björn Fjellner got back to me, informing me that current LM/GTEs’ haven’t been active for over the last six months. He also suggested that I should translate more strings and post my request here.

This post was originally published on Make Polyglots by David M․ Manvelyan (Դավիթ Մ․ Մանվելյան).

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