348 – How the Gato GraphQL plugin can accelerate your WordPress development

Today on the podcast we have Leonardo Losoviz. Leonardo is an experienced developer and the creator of the Gato GraphQL plugin for WordPress. We'll be exploring the power of Gato GraphQL, its features, and how it could change the way we use WordPress. Leonardo highlights the power of GraphQL, a technology for retrieving data from a server. It can be used in WordPress to fetch data from the server and render HTML in the editor for interactive content creation. GraphQL offers advantages over the REST API, providing flexible querying and manipulating of data, such as retrieving metadata for personalised emails or duplicating and modifying blog posts. He also explains how his plugin builds on top of this foundation to enable WordPress to make use of this powerful technology. To help users get started and unlock the full potential of Gato GraphQL, Leonardo has created a section called "recipes" within the plugin and on the website. These pre-coded GraphQL queries serve as a learning tool, explaining how GraphQL works and providing tips for more complex tasks like translating posts. The recipes gradually increase in complexity, allowing users to grasp the full capabilities of the plugin over time. So, whether you're a WordPress developer looking to enhance your website's capabilities or a content creator searching for more efficient ways to manage and distribute your content, this episode is for you. Get ready to tap into the power of Gato GraphQL and unlock a new world of possibilities within WordPress.

This post was originally published on Podcast - WP Builds by Nathan Wrigley.

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