WordPress User Profile Customization

We are seeking a WordPress developer to create a customized, interactive, and secure user profile component for our website. We have already designed the user workflow in Figma and purchased the S2 Member Pro plugin.

Requirements include:

  1. User Registration:
    • All information saved in the database is encoded.
    • Customizable sign-up forms.
    • Email verification for new users.
    • All fields are sanitized and validated with customized rules.
    • Role-based access control.
  2. Account Validation:
    • Accounts can be created but are only validated after a code is sent to an edu ended email or other verification methods.
    • Admin can manually verify a user account, and the validation status can be displayed on the user profile account.
  3. User Profiles Management:
    • Users can easily log in to their accounts with an anti-spam method like Google reCAPTCHA verification enabled, with a limited number of login tries.
    • Easy profile photo uploads.
    • Public or private profiles.
    • Able to update customizable fields.
  4. Interactive Features:
    • Users can like other users.
    • Users can message each other.
    • Group messaging features.
  5. Content Submission & Security Features:
    • File upload capabilities with size and type restrictions.
    • Strong password requirements.
    • 2FA availability.
    • SSL encryption for data transmission.
    • Ability to backup and recover the whole user database.
  6. Privacy Controls:
    • Cookie consent notification.
    • Opt-ins for marketing emails and user data sharing.
  7. [Optional] Performance Optimization:
    • Caching mechanisms for faster page loads.
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