Community Meeting Recap (02 August 2022)

Meeting start…

We had a few DevEx improvements from @sarayourfriend and @olgabulat.
The catalog refactor to use the new provider script base class is moving along at a good clip.
DAGs are now back-fillable thanks to @stacimc’s improvements.
@krysal and @aetherunbound both contributed to an excellent K6 based load testing script that we used to confirm new API version stability.

Needs review

The Frontend API token PR needs reviews. It is the final blocker to moving the production Nuxt deployment to ECS.
The iNaturalist provider PR also needs reviews and is a significant development in our ability to ingest diverse data sources.

In progress
An issue is in the todo column and unassigned.

This post was originally published on Make Openverse by sarayourfriend.

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