Roadmap to 6.4

WordPress 6.4 is set to be released on November 7, 2023 and is being led by an underrepresented gender release squad. This release brings a sharp focus to enhancing items across the WordPress experience, from the details of writing a new post to managing patterns across your site. Amongst these efforts, new features aim to be added, like font management and a new default theme, and gaps filled in current functionality, like more tooling to go further with designs. Initial explorations for phase 3 will continue in the Gutenberg plugin, and any early wins will be added alongside the foundational work already planned in this major release. An additional post will be shared covering the various additional wish list items that didn’t make it into this post to provide an update with possible next steps. As always, what’s shared here is being actively pursued, but doesn’t necessarily mean each will make it into the final release of WordPress 6.4. 

This post was originally published on Make Core by annezazu.

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