355 – David’s return… A new podcast called The ‘No Script Show’

So in episode 353 we said bye bye to David Waumsley. Well, now is the time to own up to the fact that David is not in fact going away! In my defence, David is moving away from the WP Builds podcast, as he's really no longer making much use of WordPress, but he's still in the website building profession. He's decided that he wants to make website without a framework, and therefore he's going to be working from with HTML and CSS and trying to follow along with the guidelines the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) lay out for us all to follow. With that in mind, no sooner had David stepped away from WP Builds, well, he was back in my inbox asking if I'd like to create an entirely new podcast with him about this 'new' (old?) approach of his to website building. Having loved every minute of the past seven years of content creation with David, I jumped at the chance, and so a new show was born, and we're calling it the 'No Script Show'. You can find it at noscript.show. So for the next six episodes which would have normally been myself and David, it's still going to be myself and David. Hopefully you'll get an understanding of what we're, and you never know, some of you might even subscribe to the show as well. After six weeks of this format, we'll go back to just WP Builds content, week after week. So here it is then... episode 1 of the No Script Show. I hope that you enjoy it.

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