363 – No Script Show, Episode 5 – What is component based web design?

So we’re back with another ‘podcast hijack’, in which the WP Builds podcast is temporarily taken over by a new podcast that I’m doing with David Waumsley. It’s called “The No Script Show”, and we’re getting back to the basics which we feel we’ve lost touch with, namely HTML and CSS. This week, it's all about something called 'component based web design', but before that, a few words about what this show is about... Over the years our reliance on tools like Page Builders mean that we’ve not kept up with the new technologies which are becoming available to us via the browser, HTML and CSS… and that made us sad! Does this mean that WordPress is not in view, not for me, but WordPress uses all-the-things we discuss, so they’re tied together in so many ways! The hope is that you’ll enjoy the podcast enough to subscribe to it and enjoy the podcast as we get into this new subject. This episode looks at 'component based web design', what it is, and do we even need it?

This post was originally published on Podcast - WP Builds by Nathan Wrigley.

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