360 – Synchronising data and design with Jorge Casals from DataPocket

Today we're having an interesting conversation with Jorge Casals, and we're talking about DataPocket. Jorge chats about how DataPocket serves as a conduit for synchronising data from various platforms to design tools, offering a better flow of information for e-commerce teams. The discussion gets into DataPocket's pricing model and its integration with Intercom for customer support, highlighting the roadmap to expand its reach to larger enterprises. Jorge talks about why he thinks DataPocket is revolutionising e-commerce by automating content creation and synchronisation, while also addressing the platform's utility for agencies and plans for future integrations. We also tackle the ethical implications of AI integration and the thought process behind DataPocket's approach to data storage and accessibility. As you'll hear in the episode, I was a little unsure of how it all worked, but I'm sure that you'll figure it all out from Jorge's explanations! If you've not heard of DataPocket before and are interested in how synchronisation of designs can alter the e-commerce landscape, this episode is for you.

This post was originally published on Podcast - WP Builds by Nathan Wrigley.

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