Rapid WordPress dev setups with wp-now

We’ve all been there – the mere thought of configuring a new development setup sends shivers down your spine. But what if you could bypass the hassle and jump straight into action? Meet wp-now: the instant WordPress setup wizard...

Why Passkeys are the future

The future is passwordless! Learn all about Passkeys, the technology set to replace traditional passwords. The best part?! You can start using them today! We’ll show you how. Highlights00:00 Why passwords are bad01:12 Demo: Passkey...

The only 3 tools you need for perfect image optimization

Want to serve the fastest loading images in the wild wild web? By the end of this episode, you’ll be armed with Google-recommended tools and strategies that set you on a fast track to becoming an image optimization expert. 00:00 Intro00:41 The...

Podcast – Siegfried, deploy!

Dominik and Steffen are long-term friends, the founders of the WordPress agency Bleech – and total nerds when it comes to websites. Always having the user in mind they critically question the status quo in web development. By trying out the latest technologies they improve common approaches or develop new ones. Listen to them when they discuss current developments in web technologies and learn more about their tools, techniques and their philosophy.

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