Why you should code custom designs

This time Steffen and Dominik reflect on coding custom designs and the challenges faced with writing CSS. To create a solid base stylesheet in combination with minimal styles for a website is an important starting point. However, it is challenging...

Create a better UI with data modeling in WordPress

Data modeling is the process of creating a conceptual representation of your data. It’s a crucial step in building effective databases and applications. In this episode we discuss why it is important to look at both aspects of data modeling:...

Will web components revolutionize the web?

In this episode we discuss web components and their potential to revolutionize the web. Web components have been around for a while and aim to provide a standardized way of authoring front-end JavaScript, but they never really took off due to the...

Podcast – Siegfried, deploy!

Dominik and Steffen are long-term friends, the founders of the WordPress agency Bleech – and total nerds when it comes to websites. Always having the user in mind they critically question the status quo in web development. By trying out the latest technologies they improve common approaches or develop new ones. Listen to them when they discuss current developments in web technologies and learn more about their tools, techniques and their philosophy.

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